“Above all, the discussion and clarification of realistic expectations brought a high level of insight on both sides and was able to create structure.”

– Thomas Kanow, Senior Technology Recruiting Manager

Recruiting Bootcamp at an IT Company

Active sourcing, passive sourcing, referral programs – all these are standard methods of efficient recruiting. But especially companies that have just started to build up their recruiting department do not yet have access to experience and their own resources. In such cases, the Recruiting Bootcamp from our Academy Unit is suitable, providing extensive expert knowledge as well as tips and tricks for successful recruiting.

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If so, please feel free to contact Thomas Kanow, Senior Technology Recruiting Manager, who led this project.

Thomas Kanow

The starting position

  • Customer: Company from the IT industry with only one responsible employee in recruiting < 100 employees
  • Mission: Provide overview of recruiting tools and opportunities (especially related to sales and content management positions); share experience and expertise to make internal recruiting more efficient.

Our Solution

  • 8-hour recruiting bootcamp to lay the foundation for efficient and sustainable recruiting
  • Overview of recruiting practices (active sourcing and passive sourcing, data-driven recruiting, data protection) including insider tips for using specific sourcing tools
  • Clarification of the status quo and identification of optimization potentials
  • Definition of a realistic expectation horizon
  • Concrete individual recommendations based on experience and expertise for efficient recruiting in the future

Key takeaways for building recruiting structures:

  • Create a realistic horizon of expectations
  • Channel stakeholder management in terms of expectation management and name it with numbers
  • Install an efficient campaign management
  • Install and expand a sustainable referral network and an internal referral system

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