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Whether you are just starting out in your career or have many years of experience in HR, what counts for us is that our new colleagues fit into the HR Recruiting Services family and feel at home with us.

With an open-minded personality, a great enthusiasm for recruiting and the desire to bring companies forward in a sustainable way, you bring all the basic requirements for a great career with us.

We train everything else in our in-house academy – from sourcing manager to recruiting manager to process consultant or trainer: we want you to be able to make a difference at every level and in every position so that you can play your part in our company’s development.

That’s why we offer you prospects and opportunities for continuous personal and professional development.

In our job portal you will find all our job offers. Maybe there’ s the next step for your career?

We welcome applications at all levels!

Kununu Award Top Company 2022
We were named Top Company 2022 by Kununu.

What makes us your next employer

Work-Life-Balance, mal richtig!
Wir leben ein hybrides Arbeitsmodell: genieße die Vorzüge deines Homeoffices an bis zu 4 Tagen/Woche oder triff in unseren zentralen und modernen Offices auf andere On-Site-LiebhaberInnen. Zudem ermöglichen dir unsere flexiblen Arbeitszeiten sowie unsere Arbeitszeiterfassung einen Überstundenausgleich und damit eine gesunde Work-Life-Balance. Wir bieten außerdem familien- und freizeitfreundliche Teilzeitlösungen an und solltest du einmal Fernweh haben, nutze unser EU Remote-Work- oder das Sabbatical-Angebot.
Lass uns gemeinsam wachsen!
Getreu unserem Principle „We believe in talent“ supporten wir interne und externe Weiterbildungen durch ein garantiertes Weiterentwicklungsbudget. Außerdem haben wir ein internes Coaching System entwickelt, um dich entlang deiner individuellen beruflichen Entwicklung zu unterstützen. Wer möchte, kann zusätzlich fachliche als auch disziplinarische Führungsverantwortung übernehmen oder als ExpertIn für ein bestimmtes Fachgebiet unsere Unternehmensentwicklung mitgestalten.
Was uns zum Dream-Team macht
„We put transparency and honesty first” und leben eine familiäre, ungezwungene Arbeitsatmosphäre, die Diversität ausdrücklich unterstützt! Flache Hierarchien, eine Du-Kultur und kein Dresscode sind deshalb bei uns schon immer selbstverständlich. Mit unseren legendären Teamevents halten wir den Teamspirit über die Standorte hinweg lebendig und sitzen gerne auch mal nach der Arbeit für Wein, Bierchen oder Schorle zusammen.
Start-up Mentalität mit Marktführer-Kompetenzen
Auch wenn wir per Definition kein Start-Up mehr sind, haben wir uns den Spirit eines dynamischen, agilen Unternehmens bewahrt und bieten dir unterschiedlichste Möglichkeiten, dich in Themen einzubringen und diese aktiv mitzugestalten. Wir sind nicht nur offen für frische Ideen, sondern ermutigen explizit dazu. Wir lieben Herausforderungen und sind immer bereit Neues anzugehen – dabei wird niemand allein ins kalte Wasser geworfen, sondern kann sich jederzeit und überall auf unsere Unterstützung verlassen.
Unsere Goodies on top...

Urban Sports Club Mitgliedschaft
Betriebliche Altersvorsorge
Vergünstigtes Leasing eines Fahrrads oder E-Bikes
Mehr oder minder gesunde Snacks sowie Getränke an allen Standorten
Mitarbeitenden-Rabatte auf nachhaltige Produkte & Leistungen via FutureBens 

Too good to be true? Then see for yourself on and!

Insights into our team

It is particularly important to us to promote a pleasant, empowering working atmosphere and a strong team spirit.

With regular team events, fun afterworks and weekly get-togethers, we strengthen our sense of togetherness and thus ensure that all colleagues feel included and can also perceive the workplace as a place to feel good. Our culture of being at eye level is not an empty phrase, but manifests itself in relaxed, harmonious interaction with one another – across all positions and levels. From the working student to the managing director, all HRRS members meet at eye level and can work together, celebrate and learn from each other.

Our Principles

Whoever works for us should know what we stand for and what we believe in. For us, the most important thing is that our employees can stand behind our company with a clear conscience and full conviction. We have summarized everything that is important for this in our six principles, which we live in our everyday work and in our dealings with colleagues, customers and candidates.

We believe in talent.

We are convinced that through motivation and natural attitude, people can grow into roles that go beyond their abilities.

We let the client shine.

In our work, we move the client into the spotlight. We stay humble and take satisfaction in seeing our clients do well.

We prioritize quality over speed.

We prefer to do things thoroughly and efficiently rather than hastily and imprecisely.

We are driven by challenge.

What moves us forward is being challenged – because only those who venture can grow.

We put transparency and honesty first.

In our interaction with clients as well as with each other, we strongly value open communication in all directions.

We don't over-enigneer.

We keep it simple, whether in our communication, our processes, or our structures – internally and externally.

We let others speak

The opinion of our employees, candidates and customers is the most important feedback channel for us. We want to shape and promote transparent, honest communication within and outside our company. That’s why we are open about our ratings on employer platforms such as and We use the anonymous voting as an incentive and inspiration and at the same time give applicants the opportunity to form an authentic picture of us.

FAQ: What is it like to work at HRRS?

We want to give potential employees an authentic and convincing picture of our everyday working life. Da uns in Bewerbungsgesprächen häufig dieselben Fragen begegnen, haben wir die meistgestellten davon gesammelt und hier beantwortet.

You are interested in becoming a part of the team and want to know what life is like as a consultant at HR Recruiting Services? Then get a first overview here.

The core competence of recruiters is the search for suitable candidates for open positions and their placement with the respective searching organization. Depending on the role profile, the job description of a recruiter includes not only the search for suitable candidates, but also the entire applicant management, the evaluation of applicants as well as conducting interviews and contract negotiations. Importantly, we offer jobs along the entire recruiting process chain. This means that we do not come into contact with customers in every role. A sourcing manager does not yet form a customer interface, the consulting activity only becomes relevant as a recruiting manager. So you can start in sourcing, learn from your colleagues and in the projects, and grow from role to role as you continue to build your skills and career! #recruiting jobs

In contrast to traditional personnel service providers, we offer our customers operational end-to-end recruiting and also act as consultants and partners with expertise in recruiting processes. We do not operate a recruitment agency, but empower our clients to find the right talent on a long-term and sustainable basis. In addition to our operational services, we also offer strategic consulting and training in the form of workshops and training courses.

As our consultants are internal employees of our clients, some projects are also carried out onsite, i.e. on our clients’ premises. This is always done in individual consultation with the consultants and our clients. It is important to note: Travelling (if it takes place) usually takes place regionally around the respective location of the consultant, no one has to travel across Germany on a regular basis. However, there are also many colleagues who just find it exciting to get to know different cities and regions. How much work is done on-site or remotely is agreed upon individually in each project. Due to the Corona pandemic, almost all projects currently take place digitally, which will probably not change much in the future. #remote jobs

Now that working on-site is possible again, but home office is almost unthinkable without it, we offer our employees a hybrid model where you are only required to be present in the office 4 days a month – the rest of your job can be arranged according to your preferences. We want to enable our employees to work flexibly and individually, while at the same time ensuring that our sites are vibrant and promote personal exchange. Of course, all employees will be adequately equipped from the outset to access all systems from anywhere.

Fortunately, due to the great work of our colleagues, we do not have to actively acquire customers. This enables our sales team to define the right set-up together with the consultants in interaction with the clients. The recruiters and consultants are a key driver in the selection process as well as the definition of the specific projects. On the one hand, this ensures that our consultants are a good fit for our clients, and on the other hand, we can actively manage the workload of our employees. That being said, it is of course welcome and rewarded when consultants actively engage in customer acquisition!

The concrete course of a project varies as much as its duration and depends on the role profile of the consultant. In some projects you will be able to work alone as a consultant, for other clients we put together a whole team of consultants. Depending on your level of experience, you can of course first get to know project life in a team before starting out on your own in consulting. Again, you have a say in the selection of projects and are not just thrown in at the deep end. #jobs recruiting

The clients who hire us are as diverse as the projects we design. We do not focus on specific industries, but decide individually with whom we can imagine working together. In doing so, it is important to us to only support organizations that act responsibly. Due to our expertise and our future orientation, we work a lot with digitally driven companies, so a certain understanding of digital topics is most welcome. Nevertheless, we also look after clients from the construction industry, the fashion industry or the lifestyle business and thus guarantee a varied consultant life.

Since we work for clients from a wide range of industries, the positions that our consultants support also vary. Due to our digitally driven focus, many of the positions we support are in tech, sales, finance and marketing, so a certain interest and understanding of these positions is naturally an advantage.

Our salary models differ depending on the role profile. Depending on the respective hierarchical level, market-appropriate base salaries are set, to which uncapped commissions are added on top. The entire system is designed to be extremely transparent, ensuring full insight for employees at all times.

If your application arouses our interest, we would like to get to know you in a first telephone conversation. If you convince us and we could also arouse your interest, we will invite you to two further interviews, which can take place remotely or on-site, depending on your preference. In the professional check, we want to find out how well you fit the role you have applied for. In the cultural check, we want to know how well you fit into our team, what makes your personality tick and what makes you tick. Throughout the application process, we emphasize transparency and reliability because we know your time is valuable.

If you become part of our team, we would of course like to give you a good start. That’s why we place great importance on conscientious and detailed onboarding, which – regardless of where you start – takes place at our headquarters in Berlin. This way, you can get to know the core team and your first colleagues personally over lunch and are provided with all the important information that will make your start easier right from the start.

Your question is not included? Then feel free to contact us via the contact form or simply call us at +49 (30) 259 23 850.

You want to learn more about us?
Then contact our HR Manager Helen Kurzrock at: +49 30 25 92 38 50!

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