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The seasoned consultants of HR - Recruiting Services draw on broad, longstanding experience in renowned consulting firms. We have finely-honed, in-depth expertise in many industries and areas of operation. We maintain strong links with a whole host of businesses from innovative start-ups, to solid, mid-sized companies and up to global enterprises.

  • Holger Resack
  • Thomas Kanow
  • Philipp Weiß
  • Pauline Ehrlich
  • Peter Haas
  • Daniel Le
  • Marcel Burmester
  • Anna Schubert
  • Miles Michalski
  • Alan Zutz
  • Kidisti Negash
  • Dana Gleisberg
  • Angela Pairan
  • Holger Resack

    Holger Resack

    Managing Director

    Holger Resack, founder and Managing Director of HR - Recruiting Services, has worked in human resources consulting and recruiting in an executive capacity for over fifteen years. He has extensive technical, methodological and procedural knowledge of all key fields in recruiting.

    Comprehensive advisory services to nationally and internationally active organizations are his main focus. This includes the analysis and optimization of recruiting processes and structures as well as their implementation as on-site project manager. Holger Resack has designed and implemented a diverse range of complex recruitment processes for international. His industry expertise ranges across engineering, IT, finance, media and sales.

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  • Thomas Kanow

    Thomas Kanow

    Senior Technology Recruiting Manager

    Thomas Kanow is Senior Recruiting Manager and Co-founder of HR-Recruiting Services GmbH. His high level of expertise, considerable networks and more than ten years of experience make him a proven expert for recruiting specialists and executives in the technology and IT sector. In addition, the graduate economist is responsible for all IT activities of the company.

    As project manager, he managed the entire recruiting process for numerous well-known companies from Germany and abroad, from strategy development and sourcing to candidate selection. Thomas Kanow has specialist, management and leadership skills. His experience in quickly building competent teams is extremely valuable for our clients, especially in urgent recruiting projects that are set up at short notice.

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  • Philipp Weiß

    Philipp Weiß

    Partner, Recruiting & People Manager

    Philipp is Manager and Consultant for the area Talent Recruiting at HR-Recruiting Services. As the responsible People Manager he is a vital mentor and coach for our young talents. Philipp studied European Management with focus on International Human Resources, is part of our team since 2014 and Partner since 2017.

    As Consultant and Project Manager, Philipp works mainly in the fields of IT and Analytics for national as well as International companies. For our clients he works as Interim Team Lead, sets up the Recruitment strategically, cares for an efficient and KPI-oriented implementation and is partner for all economic questions within the world of Recruitment.

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  • Pauline Ehrlich

    Pauline Ehrlich

    Sourcing Manager & People Manager Students

    As Sourcing Manager, Pauline Ehrlich is responsible for candidate identification and direct communication via various social media channels such as Xing and LinkedIn, as well as interviews and candidate evaluation. Her focus is primarily on sales and communications positions in various industries. In addition, she supervises the internal recruiting of HR-recruiting services.

    With her background in Educational Science, with a focus on adult education, business education and communication, she takes over the didactic and conceptual planning of feedback processes and the development of our students. As a result, she assumes leadership responsibility as People Manager Students, and is the first point of contact for working students and interns in the company.

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  • Peter Haas

    Peter Haas

    Recruiting Manager & Product Owner

    As a Product Owner, Peter Haas is the key innovator of our "Active Sourcing" product and mainly responsible for developing the product. In his role as recruiting manager, he takes care of the identification and direct communication with candidates via various social media channels such as Xing and LinkedIn, conducting personal interviews, assessments and candidate evaluations. Thanks to his broad and generalistic experience in various fields, he supports clients in the recruitment of IT, sales, engineering, finance and marketing specialists.

    Based on his background in applied Psychology, Peter is responsible for the professional growth of both his team members at HR - Recruiting Services, as well the product itself. The ultimate goal is to achieve operational excellence, from digitalisation, efficiency and fun, to a perfect employee experience.

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  • Daniel Le

    Daniel Le

    Recruitment & Key Account Manager

    Daniel Le is a Recruiting Manager at HR-Recruiting Services, specializing on tech recruitment. After his studies in Human Resource Management in England, with a focus on Talent Aquisition Management, he succeeded at international recruiting agencies for several years, before joining HR-Recruiting Services in early 2018.

    As a Recruiting Manager, he recruits IT, Finance and Sales experts for national and international clients and is responsible for the complete recruiting-cycle for our on-site projects. Especially excellent stakeholder management of candidates and clients characterises Daniel Le, which he also leverages in his role as Account Manager for essential key clients. Daniel Le is your first contact regarding all inquiries.

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  • Marcel Burmester

    Marcel Burmester

    Recruiting Manager

    As Recruiting Manager, Marcel Burmester focuses on fast-growing companies at HR-Recruiting Services. His main emphasis lies on sourcing for start-ups and medium sized enterprizes on a national and international scale. Based on his vocational training in fiscal accounting, Marcel Burmester studied Business Administration at the Humboldt University in Berlin, specializing on Human Resources and Entrepreneurship. He has been a member of the HR-Recruiting Services team since 2017.

    In his role as Recruiting Manager, Marcel Burmester specializes on the selection of suitable candidates in the areas of finance, IT, media and marketing, and is responsible for the entire recruitment process, from assuring excellent active and passive sourcing, candidate selection and evaluation, to contract negotations. His passion lies in the analysis and establishment of new strategies to recruit talent.

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  • Anna Schubert

    Anna Schubert

    Sourcing Manager

    As Sourcing Manager, Anna Schubert is responsible for the development of sourcing strategies, identifying and contacting candidates, conducting phone interviews and stakeholder management. Additionally, she supports our interal recruiting, and is a technical lead for our students. Her speciality lies in tech recruitment.

    Based on her degree in Business Psychology and Business Adminsitration, with a focus on occupational and organisational psychology, she is available for the areas of work design and qualification processes.

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  • Miles Michalski

    Miles Michalski

    Recruiting Manager & Business Development

    As Recruiting Manager, Miles Michalski acts as an Interim Recruiter in our onsite projects. Flexible and dynamic, he adapts to every client, be it international hotel corporation, German e-commerce company or Berlin start-up. Backed by a degree in Business Psychology, Miles Michalski can take on every operative role in recruitment, and uses his integral approach to understand the individual needs of our clients. With a focus on the areas of business operations and marketing, Miles Michalski can recruit for all corporate positions, always on the lookout for modern methods of candidate identfication and selection.

    Additionally, Miles Michalski supports the management of HR-Recruiting Services in his Business Development role – whether in the development of our methodical competence, the evolution of our product portfolio or the expansion into new markets.

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  • Alan Zutz

    Alan Zutz

    Senior Sourcing Manager

    Alan Zutz is Senior Sourcing Manager, responsible for specialist and management positions in the areas of IT, big data, BI and sales. Based on his degree in Business Administration (Human Resoucres & Organisations / SME Management & Entrepreneurship) and his bachelor thesis, in which he focused on the possibilities of applying design thinking methodology to generate ideas in search strategies, he now builds successful recruitment teams and develops complex recruitment strategies.

    At HR-Recruiting Services, he uses his expansive experience in recruiting agencies to manage large sourcing teams and projects, and takes on the role of project lead for clients that have a particularly high or challenging demand for profiles. Creating holistic sourcing strategies and implementing them with his team motivates him daily.

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  • Kidisti Negash

    Kidisti Negash

    Junior Personalentwicklerin

    As Junior People Developer, Kidisti Negash is responsible for further establishing internal people development structures within HR-Recruiting Services. To cultivate the competence breadth and depth of our consultants, she focuses on the areas of development requirements, knowledge management and trainings. Consquently, she ensures the high level of consulting services that HR-Recruiting Services offers.

    The optimal blend of a degree in Business Psychology, coupled with pertinent experiences in recruitment and talent management, qualify her to develop a sustainable people development construct and to secure the personal development of our consultants. Therefore, the clients of HR-Recruiting Services can always rely on our optimally qualified team.

  • Dana Gleisberg

    Dana Gleisberg

    Manager Business Operations

    Dana Gleisberg is Manager Business Operations at HR-Recruiting Services. She has perennial experience in the areas of HR, as well as facility-, feelgood-, office- and event management. Using these skills, she proficiently frees up our management, and uses her finesse and unique perspective to master the numerous challenges of daily office life. She excels through her communication skills and extraordinary organisational talent.

    As the personified „good soul“ of the company, she is passionate to make sure that everything runs smoothly and has an open ear for everyone.

  • Angela Pairan

    Angela Pairan

    Finance Managerin

    Angela Pairan is our point of contact for all topics regarding finance and renumeration. Her background in financial and payroll accounting, as well as over 20 years of experience in an international consultancy and an accounting firm make her especially valuable for us. Since early 2018, she has not only taken over bookkeeping and accounting, but is the first person of contact for our management in questions of financial strategy.

    Angela Pairan’s work is diligent, meticulous and hands-on with our young team. Should clients have any questions around the billing process, they know they’ve reached the right adress with her.

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