Active Sourcing

An active approach for a portfolio of qualified talent

In the case of hard-to-fill positions, the active contacting of potential yet passive applicants has become an indispensable component of any successful recruiting mix.

Access to a wider candidate pool through social media: individually tailored and professionally sourcing 01

Social media platforms represent the central identification and contact channel in the active sourcing context. HR-Recruiting Services has longstanding experience in this field, as well as an extensive candidate database and organically grown personal links with companies and industry multipliers.

The Recruiting Center of HR-Recruiting Services supplies capacities and skills and holds all licenses required for the social media channels. We can start sourcing and identifying your candidates on the spot. If everything goes as planned, we will compile a suitable HR portfolio, from which you can pick the perfect candidate, within seven to ten days. The active sourcing approach offered by HR-Recruiting Services helps you save time and money — and brings quick results.

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