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Executive Search Pyramide ENGExecutives are central figures in any company. Their competence, management skills and commitment decide the success or failure of the respective enterprise. Executive searches are therefore rightly seen as the pinnacle of recruitment consulting.

HR - Recruiting Executive Search: Experience, know-how and networks

The identification and acquisition of suitable executives and experts requires excellent knowledge of the market and established industry networks. The great majority of candidates are in permanent employment. Absolute discretion and sensitivity when contacting candidates are thus fundamental factors in any successful recruitment. HR-Recruiting Services uses a tried and tested two-stage system in executive searches.

Stage I covers sourcing, or candidate research. In this field, we have many sources to draw on, from our own pool of experts and recommendations from our network to social media research and the placement of advertisements in print and online media.

In stage II, we apply our consulting skills and long-standing experience. Supported by a consecutive interview and presentation series, we identify the executive who suits your requirement profile.

HR-Recruiting Services has many years of experience in the field of executive searches, particularly in tight candidate markets. We know the markets and the networks. We know how to identify the right candidates and how to contact them. Together, we develop the requirement profiles and tailor the research and contact strategy to your needs.

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