Trainingsseminar Active Recruiting

Instruments and strategies for HR practitioners

Many companies find that hiring suitably qualified staff is one of their biggest challenges. Identifying and acquiring the right candidates for your company requires market knowledge, efficient networks and contemporary recruiting strategies. Modern recruiting is dominated by digitalization, social media and innovative data management. However, digital channels and tools alone do not make an effective strategy. Positioning your company as the employer of choice and ensuring its visibility in tight candidate markets requires close interaction between recruiting, personnel marketing and HR. Today, successful recruiting calls for active conception, a comprehensive approach and purposeful implementation.

Active recruiting seminar

Our seminar provides comprehensive hands-on training in the field of fundamental aspects, tools and strategies of modern recruiting. We show you how you can actively establish contact with your prospective group of candidates using the necessary speed and agility. In the context of the seminar, experts convey user knowledge on the entire process chain to experts, from team set-up and process planning to KPI definition and tailor-made recruiting strategies. All of our coaches are active recruiters and HR managers and impart effective practical knowledge.

Target group 

The seminar is designed for executives and specialists in HR and personnel management.


The two-day seminar consists of several modules with interlinked topics. Fundamental aspects and analyses are tested and practiced in the context of case studies.

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