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Conduct professional interviews

Interviews are THE classic recruiting tool. They represent the fundamental basis for selection — on both sides. Interviews provide information on the social and technical skills of the candidates, their suitability for management and executive tasks and compatibility between their personality and the company.

Interviews leave an impression. In most cases, they provide the opportunity for the first personal contact between candidate and company. Focusing on a significant cultural fit and a level playing field for the selection process is a critical success factor, particularly in HR-driven markets. Furthermore, well-conducted interviews allow for comparison between various candidates and facilitate transparent documentation of their skill profiles.

Training for real life

We help recruiting managers prepare and control the entire interview process. Recruiting managers will be given the skills to set up and implement interviews based on the job description and the specific skills required by the company, to document the results in a straightforward manner, compare candidates and support the hiring managers in their selection of suitable candidates. Conducting interviews is a sensitive craft which involves a variety of soft factors. Our coaches have gathered experience in hundreds of interviews and convey their knowledge hands-on and case-by-case.

Target group 

The seminar is designed for specialists in the field of HR management, from beginners to advanced practitioners, who would like to enhance their interview skills. On request, we also offer interview training tailored to specific areas.


The one-day training course consists of four consecutive modules. Each module conveys specific skills required for the goal-orientated implementation of interviews. Participants will be familiarized with techniques and assessment methods in concrete interview situations. In changing roles and interview scenarios, the participants acquire the sensitivity needed in candidate interviews.