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HR – Recruiting Services consists of experienced personnel consultants who can draw on many years of experience in various renowned consulting companies. We have in-depth know-how in many industries and functional areas. We maintain intensive contacts with numerous companies – from global players to solid medium-sized enterprises to innovative start-ups.

Managing Board

Holger Resack Managing Director
Holger Resack is founder and managing director of HR-Recruiting Services and has been working in executive positions as a personnel consultant and recruiter for more than 15 years. He has comprehensive professional, methodical and process knowledge in all central recruiting fields. In addition to management and personnel leadership, his passion is also for strategic thinking ahead - whether as a key account manager, brand ambassador or in the management of companies.

The focus of Holger Resack's work is the holistic consulting of nationally and internationally active companies. This includes the analysis and optimization of recruiting processes and structures as well as their implementation as project managers on site. As the executive manager in charge, he has already designed extensive and complex recruiting processes for numerous international companies and will be happy to put his expertise at your disposal.

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Thomas Kanow Senior Technology Recruiting Manager
Thomas Kanow is Senior Recruiting Manager and co-founder of HR-Recruiting Services. His high level of expertise, considerable networks and more than ten years of experience make him a proven expert in the recruiting of specialists and executives in the technology and IT sector. The graduate economist is also responsible for all internal IT activities.

As project manager, Thomas Kanow has managed recruiting processes for numerous well-known companies in Germany and abroad, from strategy development to sourcing and candidate selection. He has specialist, management and leadership skills. You are welcome to draw on his experience in quickly building up competent teams - especially for urgent recruiting projects set up at short notice.

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Alexander Uraji Senior Recruiting Manager
Working as Senior Recruiting Manager, Alexander Uraji is there to support you in sophisticated onsite projects as well as in strategic process matters.

Due to his extensive working experience in both head hunting and inhouse-recruiting in the fields of engineering and IT, he is fully aware of the challenges and chances of today’s modern recruiting and is keen to help you especially in establishing and optimizing comprehensive recruiting processes based on an ideal candidate journey. His academic background in International Relations and Communication as well as his leadership experience is an asset when it comes to setting the right tone in an intercultural context and “out-of-the-box” thinking.

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Alkan Simsek Recruiting Manager
Alkan Simsek supports us as Recruiting Manager in Berlin since August 2021.

He takes over projects as well as end-to-end processes in recruiting and operates from job advertisement to active sourcing and conducting interviews as well as contract negotiations throughout the entire process. His bachelor's degree in economics combined with his master's degree in management and several years of professional experience in the HR environment enable him to adapt well to your environment and to perform as a competent partner.

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Banypal Karimian Recruiting Manager
Banypal Karimian works as a Recruiting Manager at HR-Recruiting Services and manages projects as an on-site recruiter for you. His focus is on IT and engineering companies. After various positions in recruiting, he now supports our site in Cologne.

Banypal Karimian focuses on the selection of suitable candidates in the field of IT, engineering and finance and is responsible for the entire recruiting process from active and passive sourcing, candidate selection and evaluation to the contract offer for our clients.

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Daniel Zick Recruiting Manager
Daniel Zick supports the HR Recruiting Services team as Recruiting Manager since February 2021. After graduating in business administration, he worked for many years in the start-up scene, in eCommerce and in HR consulting. Here he has supported fast-growing companies, but also implemented recruiting processes.

As a consultant and project manager, Daniel Zick focuses on the fields of IT and marketing/sales. But he is also open to anything new, because he believes that with the necessary commitment, any position can be filled.

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Hoa Diem Nguyen Working Student Strategy
Hoa Diem Nguyen supports our team in projects as Sourcing Manager & Strategy Consultant both operationally and conceptually. Her special focus is the area of Strategy & Recruiting in which she has been making valuable contributions since 2020.

Since joining us as a working student in April 2019, she has gained experience in creating search strategies, active sourcing and pre-qualifying candidates. As part of supporting our Competence Leads, she also specializes in project coordination, graphical preparation of strategic content and implementation of solutions.
Holger Stähli Principal Consultant -
Head RPO / Process Excellence
Holger Stähli is a passionate recruiting expert with many years of experience in setting up and expanding recruiting structures as well as defining target group-specific solutions for optimized recruitment in international organizations in IT, technology, life sciences and industry.

As Head of RPO and Process Excellence, Holger Stähli owns recruitment process outsourcing solutions, their design and implementation as well as recruitment process (re-)design and continuous perfomance tuning projects. Solution-oriented and with a high customer focus, he supports his clients in developing and managing effective and sustainable recruitment strategies.

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Isabella Reinery Recruiting Managerin
Isabella Reinery supports our team as Senior Sourcing Manager in Cologne. She is happy to take over the entire sourcing process for you, either on-site or remotely from the HR Recruiting Services Office.

Thanks to her broad-based business studies with a focus on HR management and management of small and medium-sized companies, she can easily adapt to different roles. After her studies she was responsible for the recruiting of graduates and young professionals. In the last two years she has specialized in the direct approach of candidates in IT and technology, but is interested in interesting positions in all areas of the company.

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Janina Gilch Sourcing Managerin
Janina Gilch supports our team as Sourcing Manager in Berlin. She is happy to take over the entire sourcing process for you, either on-site or remotely from the HR Recruiting Services Office.

After her studies, she gained many years of experience in various fields, such as project management, team assistance, office management and customer consulting. She focuses on the direct approach of candidates.

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Julius Baumann Senior Recruiting Manager
As a Senior Recruiting Manager, Julius Baumann pushes in-house recruiting for you - under your company label, whether in the context of onsite projects or also in strategic process consulting. Due to his experience in traditional companies as well as in start-ups as an in-house recruiter and talent acquisition manager, Julius Baumann knows about the challenges and opportunities of target group-specific recruiting. He has filled vacancies in the fields of engineering, legal and executive positions.

Julius Baumann is your expert in setting up and optimizing integrated recruiting processes based on defined KPIs and an optimal candidate experience. His teaching degree laid the foundation for competency-based interviewing. Request a detailed consultant profile of Julius Baumann.
Laura Schaub Recruiting Managerin
Laura Schaub supports the team for the Frankfurt am Main location as Recruiting Manager and oversees the end-to-end recruitment process at your site.

In addition to her five years of experience as a recruiter, she also has an additional qualification as a human resources specialist, which means that she is well versed in corporate processes and can provide you with optimal and holistic advice on recruitment. Due to the cooperation with international companies as well as candidates, intercultural competence and language affinity are among her strengths. Recruiting activities focused mainly on filling commercial positions in Human Resources, Office Management, Assistance and Customer Service.

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Kevin Nissel Senior Recruiting Manager
Kevin Nissel will be part of HR Recruiting Services as a Senior Recruiting Manager beginning October 2021. His responsibilities range from developing search strategies to conducting interviews to advising hiring managers on hiring decisions.

His studies in the field of business law ensure comprehensive knowledge in the area of DSGVO and AGG. His experience in the corporate environment has shown him the importance of every hire, from blue-collar employees to professional and managerial staffing. He is available to advise you on all aspects of onboarding and applicant management systems.

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Markus Lange Recruiting Manager
Markus Lange has been supporting the HR Recruiting Services team as Recruiting Manager at our Hamburg location since July 2021. He is available for onsite consulting projects as well as remotely from Hamburg.

Since completing his business studies, he has been responsible for full-circle recruiting in the areas of Sales, Finance, Human Resources as well as Project and Product Management in various roles.
Thanks to his many years of experience in recruiting for international corporations as well as SMEs in Germany, Markus Lange provides a very wide-ranging knowledge of the industry, for example in the Life Sciences or Retail & Consumer Goods segments. This enables him to familiarize himself very quickly with your process flows and system landscapes and to support you under your brand from sourcing to end-to-end recruiting.

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Marleen Volker Recruiting Managerin
Marleen Volker supports our team as Recruiting Manager in Hamburg and mainly takes on projects as an on-site recruiter for you.

She acts along the entire recruiting process, from job advertisement and actively approaching candidates to conducting job interviews and negotiating contracts. Thematically, their focus is on the search of commercial profiles such as HR, marketing, sales and logistics as well as in the field of engineering, i.e. design, manufacturing, system development and testing. A B.A. in Business Administration and Management combined with their professional experience in various industries enable them to quickly find their way in your company.

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Malte de Buhr Recruiting Manager
Malte de Buhr supports our team as Recruiting Manager in Hamburg and mainly takes over projects as an on-site recruiter for you.

He acts along the entire recruiting process, from job advertisement and actively approaching candidates to conducting job interviews and contract negotiations. The thematic focus of Malte de Buhr is the search for technical profiles such as software developers, data analysts and technical product managers, as well as in the field of engineering, i.e. construction and civil engineering. A Bachelor in Business and Management, combined with a Master in Entrepreneurship and many years of professional experience in personnel services, enable him to quickly find his way around your company.

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Nina Tevzadze Sourcing Managerin
Nina Tevzadze joined HR-Recruiting Services in September 2021 as a Sourcing Manager. In June 2021, she joined our team as a working student in Recruiting Coordination and meanwhile completed her Master's degree at Humboldt University Berlin.

As Sourcing Manager, she supports us in various projects and ensures that all inquiries from our clients and also from candidates are answered promptly. She supports us in active sourcing and streamlining the recruitment processes for our clients and is also responsible for initial screening of resumes, contacting applicants, and scheduling interviews.

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Philipp Weiß Recruiting and People Manager,
BU-Lead Operations
As Manager and Consultant at HR-Recruiting Services, Philipp Weiß is responsible for the Business Unit Operations. As the responsible People Manager, he is an essential mentor and coach for our young talents. He studied European Management with a focus on International Human Resources Management, has been part of the HR-Recruiting Services team since 2014 and has also been a shareholder of the GmbH since 2017.

As a consultant and project manager Philipp Weiß works mainly in the fields of IT and analytics for national and international companies. Within the projects he acts as an interim team leader, building up your recruiting strategically and in terms of content until the exact handover, ensures an efficient and KPI-optimized implementation and is your contact person for all business critical questions in the field of recruiting.

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Robert Bringe Senior Recruiting Manager and Competence Lead Process & Steering
Since January 2020 Robert Bringe supports HR-Recruiting Services as a Recruiting Manager. He benefits from his training as an IT systems electronics engineer and his studies with a focus on human resources management as well as business and vocational education at the Helmuth Schmidt University.

His focus is on on-site recruiting for positions in the areas of Marketing & Analytics, HR, Engineering and IT, from job advertisements and actively approaching candidates to conducting job interviews and negotiating contracts - nationally and internationally. He also deals with strategic topics such as process redesign, process optimization, service provider management, employer branding and recruitment analytics.

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Sascha Mossner Freelance Project Partner Recruiting & Strategy
Sascha Mossner is a freelance project partner of HR-Recruiting Services in the area of Recruiting & Strategy and has six years of experience in the field of HR and consulting with a focus on recruiting, benchmarking and strategy. After his training at the University and Leadership Academy of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg, the passionate interim manager spent some time working as an independent personnel consultant.

The development, management and leadership of teams in the areas of sourcing and recruiting are as much a part of Sascha Mossner's portfolio as is the direct approach in operative recruitment, in order to proactively identify talents and retain them in the long term. He is currently completing his Master's degree in Human Resources and Organization while working part-time and, as a Senior Recruiting Manager, has extensive project experience with a focus on industry and technology, consulting, life science, real estate and sales.

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Tamta Tevzadze Sourcing Managerin
Tamta Tevzadze supports our team as Sourcing Manager in Berlin since July 2021. She is looking forward to taking over the entire sourcing process for you in on-site or remote deployments from the HR Recruiting Services Office.

After her diversified business studies in Georgia, Tamta decided to work in the HRM field and moved to Germany for her master studies. Shortly after graduating her Master's degree in Employment and Human Resource Management she joined us.
During her studies, she gained experience in project management as well as customer consulting and support. Thanks to her practical studies, she was also able to gain experience in project management.

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Sales Management

Emely Bidlingmaier Sales and People Managerin
Emely Bidlingmaier studied business administration with a focus on retail. Through her dual studies in Berlin, she acquired leadership experience and targeted sales skills early on.

At HR-Recruiting Services, Emely Bidlingmaier is one of the first contacts for your inquiries and subsequently manages projects from their start to their successful completion. Her focus is on your satisfaction and the motivation of the team. By regularly collecting and checking key figures, she always makes sure that projects are successful, validates these figures in the team and passes them on to you in a transparent form.

In addition to the operative projects, she works in the sales team on the strategic development and location expansion of HR-Recruiting Services. If you have any questions about our individual services or specific project inquiries, Emely Bidlingmaier is looking forward to hearing from you. Let us talk about your request without any obligation!

Core Functions

Angela Pairan Finance and People Managerin
Angela Pairan is the contact person for all questions concerning finances and salaries. Her background in financial and payroll accounting and over 20 years of professional experience in an international management consultancy and tax office make her particularly valuable to us.

Since the beginning of 2018, Angela Pairan has not only been responsible for bookkeeping and accounting, but is also the contact person for the management in all financial strategic questions. Angela Pairan works conscientiously, meticulously and practically with our young team. For all questions concerning invoices, our clients are at the right address with her.
Helen Kurzrock HR and People Manager
Helen Kurzrock joined our team in November 2019 as a working student. After finishing her bachelor's degree in business administration in the summer of 2019, she also graduated with a master's degree in business psychology in October 2021 and now works as an HR and people manager at HR Recruiting Services.

Helen Kurzrock gained her practical experience through internships and student traineeships in the international corporate environment and in the service sector. She supports our team predominantly in internal recruiting.
Robert Mitius Head of Business Operations
Robert Mitius is responsible for the internal areas of Finance, Human Resources and Legal. Based on his business law studies, Robert Mitius advises our internal team on legal issues. Due to his diverse previous experience as team leader, recruiter and senior sourcer, he also brings on board extensive industry knowledge - including human resources, retail, energy and telecommunications.

With his analytical expertise, Robert Mitius maintains an overview of all key company figures, thus ensuring that we can offer our consulting services at appropriate prices. As part of the conceptual development of the HR department, he and his team ensure that our consultants are informed about current trends and can further sharpen their skills through supplementary personnel development measures.
Linda Pirkl HR and People Manager
As HR Manager, Linda Pirkl is responsible for the further development of internal HR processes from onboarding to offboarding and is thus the contact person for our team in personnel-related matters.
In addition to her business studies with a focus on human resources management and marketing, she also gained practical experience in the areas of recruiting, employer branding and internal HR management. She has worked in various industries, including IT and automotive, and brings this diverse experience to HR Recruiting Services.

She also supports our consultants in strengthening their competencies within the framework of personnel development and is responsible for internal recruiting.

Working Students

Lisa Barsig Working Student Marketing and Communications
Since November 2020 Lisa Barsig supports us as a working student in marketing. At the same time she studies journalism and communication science in the Master at Freie Universität in Berlin, after graduating with a bachelor's degree in media communications from Würzburg in 2016.

She was able to use her previous practical experience in the fields of Marketing and corporate communications in various traditional as well as international companies.
Thu Minh Nguyen Working Student Recruiting Coordination
Thu Minh Nguyen has been a working student at HR-Recruiting Services since the beginning of 2019. After completing her studies in business administration in summer 2019, she is now completing a master's degree in strategic work and personnel management.

Thu Minh Nguyen gained her previous experience in recruiting through internships in the corporate environment of an energy supplier and in a communications agency. Our team supports she in her daily business and takes care of the personnel expansion of HR-Recruiting Services.