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Maturity Assessment

To drive development, an organization must know where it stands. In our Maturity Assessment we explore your recruiting structure, holistically and thoroughly. Potentials and opportunities become conscious, risks and challenges concrete.

Become aware of the strengths of your recruiting and build on them!

By means of an ACTUAL analysis, optimization-potentials can be identified in comparison to the TARGET state and suitable measures can be derived in order to further develop the company in a focussed manner. The basis of the ACTUAL analysis are your central challenges in recruiting. This can be the desire for more or better qualified applicants, the question of whether and when active sourcing makes sense, as well as addressing topics such as team composition or budget allocation. The harmonization of processes, the installation of efficient reporting and the selection of an optimal application management system are also common issues that we have faced many times.

Our maturity level analysis for your company

Holistic, systematic, solution-oriented.


– Define objectives
– Define procedure

Analysis and survey

– Interviews
– Documentation

Evaluation and Sourcing

– Aggregation
– Evaluation
– Benchmarking

Recommendations for action

– Catalog of measures
– Milestone Planning
– Presentation

What do you get?

The scope of services includes a clear recommendation for action based on the maturity level analysis, including an implementation plan that enables you to implement the developed catalog of measures in your company independently or under our moderation. Both in analyzing your recruiting structures and processes and in identifying potential, we always pursue one goal: to position your company successfully in the competition for the best minds.

What do we build upon?

The Maturity Assessment is based on our theoretical and practical experience from over 300 recruiting projects.

On this basis, we have used a holistic approach to cluster over 40 topic areas into six areas that can have an impact on your recruiting. This recruiting spectrum serves as a benchmark to evaluate your ACTUAL state and to identify suitable measures.

Unser Recruiting Spektrum

Do you have questions about our maturity analysis and how it works in your company?

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