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Process optimizations

Intelligent process management forms the basis for your success, it creates planning reliability and enables the strategic and targeted use of resources and instruments. Based on more than 400 successfully completed recruiting projects, we have identified two key areas that require a holistic consulting approach and can offer savings potential and efficiency gains in a variety of organizations: Data Driven Recruiting and our individually tailored Performance Tuning.

Data Driven Recruiting

Recruiting is a data-driven business. Essential processes can be measured in order to draw quantitative and qualitative conclusions. However, many of these key figures are not easy to collect and the data basis is often very diverse.

With our Data Driven Recruiting program, we support you in installing a reporting landscape including management dashboards as well as quantitative and qualitative key figures. From Cost-per-Hire to SLAs: based on the analysis of your challenges, we determine which key figures and data are relevant for the optimization of your processes. In doing so, we not only include your individual internal processes and goals, but also collect all existing data from your application management system (ATS) as well as other sources. If you do not yet have your own data, we will show you how to collect it and implement it in your processes without any disruptions.

With the help of this program, your recruiting becomes measurable, transparent, scalable and sustainably controllable.

We have been awarded the 2021 Vinnys Award in the Data Driven Recruitment category by Vincere, the global expert in CRM/ATS services.

Performance Tuning Solutions

Existing recruiting-structures in companies are often cost-intensive and lengthy. To counteract this situation in the long term, we track the performance of your process landscape as part of our Performance Tuning program and derive measures for generating individual efficiency potentials and savings opportunities. Not only do we look at the budgets used or the duration of individual recruitment processes, but also at the skillset of your employees and all internal processes that have an influence on your recruiting performance.

With the goal of making your processes faster and more successful, we analyze qualitative and quantitative key figures of your recruiting and adapt them to your individual requirements and resources. This makes your recruiting more sustainable, more efficient and better performing.


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