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Our Business Unit Strategy - Maturity Assessment

The Recruiting-Spectrum of HR-Recruiting Services enables the holistic analysis of your recruiting processes. Using a holistic approach, we have identified more than 40 topics that can influence your recruiting and clustered them into six central strategic areas. We compare this as-is analysis of your recruiting with the standards in the market. This gives you a realistic assessment of your strengths and potential.

Effective recruiting processes are not only reflected in speed and cost, but also increase candidate and stakeholder satisfaction. An awareness of the possibilities is needed for this.

Retaining and developing employees is the highest asset of HR work. Recruiting is relevant because elements such as market-driven salary structures, structured talent management or heterogeneous company structures form the basis of employee retention.

An employee's experience begins before the first day of work. Objective candidate selection is a challenge for every organization, both in tight and saturated candidate markets. Bringing appreciative processes in line with unbureaucratic structures is possible with the right methods.

Objective candidate selection is a challenge for any organization in both tight and saturated candidate markets. With the right methods and the necessary candidate focus, these challenges can also be mastered.
From active candidate targeting to the targeted activation of passive channels, elements such as the effective use of recruitment agencies must also be considered in a modern recruitment strategy.
The management of recruiting teams starts with the selection of the right people and continues with the definition of target-oriented performance measurement systems and individual service level agreements.

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