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Strategic issues in recruiting in particular can be very complex and complicated today. Against the backdrop of sometimes fierce competition and the diverse tools and techniques available, it is increasingly difficult to identify where efficiency and performance losses come from and how they occur.

Therefore, we have identified the central stumbling blocks in recruiting based on our years of experience from countless customer projects in a wide variety of industries, and we counter them with our know-how:

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Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following quotes? Don't worry, you are certainly not alone in this. We offer individual and scalable solutions for each of these challenges and support you with expertise and know-how in optimizing your recruiting strategy.

Against the backdrop of the current shortage of skilled workers, this is one of the most common questions we face every day.

Nowadays, it is essential to be optimally positioned in the area of candidate recruitment in order to find the right personnel. The basis of a structured candidate acquisition is the sourcing strategy: Here it is determined which positions are to be addressed with which emphasis via which channels. Whether it’s passive channels like the homepage, programmatic job advertising, active sourcing, or in-house referral programs: You have it in your hands to act cost-effectively and in a targeted manner.

Based on your starting position and your target group, we show you which channels are most efficient for you – and how to target them.

The simple answer here is to first clarify what qualified applicants are in the first place!

We find that it is often not clearly defined what exactly is being sought – and as a result, recruiting strategy and selection processes are not optimally aligned. This starts with the recruiting vision (recruiting as “quickly” or “inexpensively” as possible does not necessarily bring the most qualified applicants through the process), continues with a clear briefing and structured selection interviews, and ends with the decision-making process: Based on an evaluation matrix we can clearly distinguish between the desired and the actual situation – in order to adjust the salary or the requirements, if necessary.

Because even the best recruiters can’t hire against the market – but: we can help you position yourself optimally to attract qualified personnel.

In recruiting, there is a vast amount of key figures – and even the common applicant management systems often provide a confusing number of reports and evaluations.

Wir zeigen Ihnen, welche Kennzahlen für Sie wichtig sind, wie sie diese in Ihrem Bewerbermanagementsystem abbilden können und gestalten Ihnen eine aussagekräftige Reporting-Struktur. We show you which key figures are important for you, how you can map them in your applicant management system and design a significant reporting structure for you. Regardless of whether this is to function at the detailed level or as an executive summary for the management: Data-driven recruiting and its presentation is our core business – because without the right data, the necessary derivations for optimizations cannot be identified.

Talk to us – we have already experienced your challenge and provide you with competent consultants for your reporting structures.

The “right” speed in recruiting is elementary – processes that are too slow scare off candidates and leave your competition with the most desirable applicants.

Our solution is your data: We make your recruiting measurable. By linking your quantitative data (key performance indicators, e.g. the number of candidates in the individual process steps) with your qualitative requirements (e.g. service level agreements for the individual process steps), the time to hire can be sustainably reduced in order to achieve the decisive speed advantage.

Contact us about our popular and proven performance tuning programs – we’ll show you what to do.

This is a question we encounter time and time again and is a widespread problem that can have far-reaching consequences.

In our view, the solution to this problem clearly lies in a clear service orientation of the recruiting team: there needs to be a clear distribution of tasks within the team, one-face-to-the-customer structures and clearly defined service level agreements. In doing so, Recruiting takes over all recruiting tasks from the specialist department, establishes a reasonable stakeholder management and controls the entire recruiting process. We map the tasks of the departments in an individual playbook to clearly illustrate the roles. After all, specialist departments and recruiting must work hand in hand to achieve optimum results.

Based on our experience, we will show you how you can optimize this cooperation with just a few tricks and fill your vacancies together in a targeted manner.

The question of the “right” size and structure of the recruiting team as well as the necessary budgets occupies many of our customers.

Auf der Basis Ihres Hiring-Volumens leiten wir die ideale Team Konstellation ab, definieren optimale Prozessstrukturen und kalkulieren mittels Ihrer Channel-Effizienz die richtige Budget-Allokation für Ihr Recruiting Team.Based on your hiring volume, we derive the ideal team constellation, define optimal process structures and calculate the right budget allocation for your recruiting team based on your channel efficiency. Against the backdrop of our extensive comparative values from a wide range of organizations, we avoid redundancies in order to make the best possible use of your budget – and to sustainably reduce your cost per hire.

Whether this can be mapped in the existing team structures, results in a Recruiting Center of Excellence or should be outsourced on the basis of an RPO model (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) can be decided in a targeted and well-founded manner.

Especially against the backdrop of tight candidate markets, the development of a sustainable talent pipeline is of elementary importance for efficient recruitment.

We show you how to clearly define and delimit the term “talent” for your organization and how to implement this logic for external candidates in the form of sustainable talent relationship management. Based on our practical experience in this area, our consultants work with you to design and install the necessary processes and procedures to keep the people you are already in contact with stocked and available in well-sorted talent pools.

By the way: The same applies to your employees! Here, too, retention rates should be kept as high as possible not only at the top but also across the board. Talk to us – we will show you how a structured talent pool can have a lasting impact on your retention work.

  • Procedure
    All our strategy projects are structured in a similar way: in the first step, we define your specific issues and goals together with you, analyze your starting position, and work out the target state based on this.
  • Scope of delivery
    In addition to the concrete design of your individual target state, the scope of delivery always includes all the tools, templates and charts you need for the efficient and rapid implementation of the solutions found.
  • Costs
    We set up each strategy project individually and at a fixed price defined in advance – without any hidden costs. Thanks to the modular structure of the content, you always maintain a transparent overview.

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