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Tools & Templates

Many of our clients have functioning processes and an existing recruiting organisation. What is often missing are standardised tools and templates to optimise individual sub-areas. The tools and templates of HR Recruiting Services have proven themselves many times over and are used hundreds of times. We are happy to provide you with these valuable tools to standardise and optimise your internal processes.

Our Tools for use in your recruiting

If you are interested in any of the following tools, contact us here .


Our tool supports you in choosing a suitable and professional application management software.

Third Party Selection

Based on previously defined criteria, this tool helps you to classify service providers in order to purchase comparable services at optimal conditions.

Referral Program

Our tool enables the successful implementation of an employee referral program.

Team Constellation Radar

This tool enables you to calculate the necessary resources and costs for your recruiting projects in a meaningful way.

Our Templates for standardizing your processes

Briefing Templates

Every recruiting begins with the definition of the vacancy sought. With this guideline, they optimally control the interview with the specialist department and translate the tasks into competencies in a targeted manner in order to start your search & selection process on this basis.

If you are interested in our briefing templates, contact us here.

Phone-Screen Templates

With the help of telephone interviews, the best candidates can already be selected in an early selection phase. With our proven phone screen templates, you can conduct these conversations in a structured, time-appropriate manner that meets the requirements of the position.

If you are interested in our phone screen templates, contact us here.

Interview Guidelines

The central component of the selection process is the interview process. To ensure the highest possible degree of comparability between candidates, our guidelines provide structure and security and ensure optimal alignment with the requirements from the briefing.

If you are interested in our interview guides, contact us here.

Framework contracts for headhunters

Recruitment agencies and headhunters are costly, and the management effort is often enormous. With our framework agreements, you can manage your service provider landscape in a legally secure and cost-optimized manner.

If you are interested in our framework agreements for headhunters, please contact ushere.

Are you interested in our tools or templates?

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