Plug & Play

Plug & Play describes a quick start without complicated onbaordings, explanations and preparations. This is often the case when experienced and professional colleagues and consultants are involved who can quickly orient themselves even in challenging environments.

Maturity Assessment

A Maturity Assessment is the maturity analysis of a company. We compare your current state in recruiting with the benchmarks of your industry and work with you to develop the measures required to achieve the previously determined target state.  


Key Performance Indicators Key Performance Indicators (KPI) sind einfache und unmissverständliche Indikatoren für Performanz einer Organisation, Gruppe, Team oder eines Individuums.


In , ident refers to suitable candidates for an open position who have been found and 'identified', for example, by searching in social and professional networks or on other platforms.   Usually, these candidates have uploaded their CV or presented their career on the respective platform. In addition to other...

Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers ultimately decide on the hiring of candidates. In most cases, it is the head of the department, team leader or a manager of the department in which the position is to be filled. Hiring managers are involved in the recruitment process, particularly with regard to technical aspects. Accordingly,...

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