Shadowing means following another person in their work in order to better  understand procedures, backgrounds and processes.


On-site means working at the client's location. Instead of just working remotely, our recruiters integrate themselves into your teams and adapt your structures and processes to recruit as authentically as possible.

Interim Recruiting

Interim recruiting refers to the recruitment of personnel by external consultants or freelancers who offer their services for a fixed period of time.

Passive Sourcing

In recruiting, passive sourcing refers to the classic process of placing job advertisements and processing incoming applications, also known as "post and pray". The company does not actively approach candidates (active sourcing), but expects suitable applicants to respond to the advertisement. To attract the right applicants to the company, a...

Active Sourcing

In recruiting, active sourcing refers to the proactive direct approach of candidates via various channels. This means not waiting for applications, but approaching candidates who are a good fit for an open position. Since many employees are latently willing to change jobs but do not apply, active sourcing offers companies...

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