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Academy - Interview Training

The interview is the classic instrument in the portfolio of recruiting. The interview provides the essential basis for the selection decision. Interviews provide information about the candidates’ social and professional skills. Our trainers have experience in hundreds of interviews and convey these in a case-related and practice-oriented manner. In the training, we enable your recruiters to prepare, implement and control the entire process of conducting interviews.


  • Strategies of conducting interviews
  • Candidate Persona
  • From CV to Prescreen to adjustment
  • Question techniques
  • Competence-based interviewing
  • STAR method


  • Techniques and evaluation methods of interviewing
  • Social skills and soft skills
  • Process and candidate management


  • Metaplan Workshop in four modules
  • Role plays
  • Training on case studies
  • Collaborative problem-solving


  • Specialists and managers in HR management
  • Recruiters at all levels
  • Individuals and recruiting teams

Beschreibung des Kontexts einer Situation. Wichtig ist hier, dass die Situation im Detail beschrieben wird, um eine Verallgemeinerung oder Verwirrung zu vermeiden.

Auswertung der Ergebnisse der eigenen Aktivitäten. Auch hier wieder aus der ICH-Perspektive: Was habe ICH geleistet. Was habe ICH gelernt.

Hier soll die Beschreibung des eigenen Verhaltens der Situation stattfinden. Wichtig ist hier, dass nicht das Team oder die Gruppe analysiert werden soll, sondern die eigene Person, also eine Analyse in der ICH-Form.

Wie sollen Ziele oder Ergebnisse in dieser Situation erreicht werden. Welche Aufgaben galt es zu lösen?

Included Extras

  • Complete PowerPoint presentation
  • Participant document or chart photo protocol
  • Exercise results
  • Individualized certificate of participation
  • Blocks, pens, name badges in the appropriate number of participants, as well as seminar feedback sheets

Our trainers and contact persons are also available to answer your questions after the training day.

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