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Interview Training

Optimize and expand your interview-competencies

The interview is the classic instrument in the portfolio of recruiting. A competency-based interview provides the essential foundation for selection decisions and provides insight into candidates’ skills and behaviors. The right questions, a structured approach and a suitable method are the key to a successful interview technique. In this way, interviewers gather crucial background information to properly assess qualifications, motivation and ambition. Our trainers are HR professionals themselves and therefore have experience from hundreds of interviews.

In the interview training, we not only enable you to optimally prepare for the interview, but also to properly implement and manage the interview.

What is taught?

  • From CV to interview to hiring: how do I design the interview process?
  • Competency-based interviewing and STAR method: how do I find out what I want to know?
  • Questioning techniques and the right interview questions: methods of interviewing
  • The Candidate Persona : who do I look for and how do I identify these applicants?
  • Danger ahead: the most common interviewing pitfalls

What do I gain from the training?

  • Techniques and evaluation methods of interviewing
  • Social skills and soft skills
  • Matching Competencies
  • Process and candidate management

Training sidefacts

Who is the training suitable for?

  • Professional and managerial staff in human resources management
  • Recruiters at all levels
  • Individuals and recruiting teams
  • Executives in the company (Hiring Manager)

Where does the training take place?

  • On-site and vis-a-vis to realistically practice the interview situation

Included Extras

  • Complete PowerPoint presentation incl. Exercise results
  • Individualized certificate of participation
  • Material (pads, pens, name tags) + seminar feedback sheets

Our trainers

Philipp Weiß

Manager Business Development

Holger Stähli

Head of RPO/
Process Excellence

Holger Resack

Managing Director
& Founder

Our trainers and contact persons are also available to answer your questions after the training day.

Do you have questions about Interview Training?

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