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We improve your recruiting!

Our Academy offers further and advanced training in all areas of recruiting. In compact training modules, our experts teach skills that are important for successful recruiting. Using best practices and simulating real recruiting situations, participants train and learn quickly, effectively and practically. With our training courses, you can further develop and professionalize the recruiting skills in your team in a targeted manner.

Who can benefit from our trainings?

Our training courses are aimed at recruiters, HR managers and employees from hiring departments and are suitable for both beginners and advanced participants. The training content is always adapted to the experience level of the participants.

Interview Training

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What is the interview training about?

The interview is one of the most important instruments in the candidate selection process. In our training, we teach tools and strategies for skills-based and professional interviewing.


What content is taught?

    • Practical methods for successfully planning and conducting job interviews
    • Methods and application of competency-based interviewing (e.g. STAR method)
    • Evaluation and selection of candidates on the basis of structured and standardized interviews
    • Application and consolidation of the acquired knowledge in practical simulations

Active Sourcing Training

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What is active sourcing training about?

Active sourcing, the active approach of candidates, is at the beginning of the recruiting process.
A well thought-out active sourcing strategy forms the basis for successful recruiting.


What content is taught?

    • Strategies and methods for identifying and successfully approaching suitable candidates
    • Comprehensive knowledge in the selection and application of suitable tools and channels
    • Overview and evaluation of relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) in active sourcing
    • Application and deepening of the acquired knowledge about identifying and contacting in practical simulations

Basis Training: Recruiting Essentials

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What is the “Recruiting Essentials” training course about?

The aim of the training is to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of the essentials of recruiting – from the search for candidates to the job interview and the selection of the best talent. Through know-how, practical exercises and case studies, participants are trained and strengthened in their role as recruiters in terms of content and methodology. The training is therefore particularly suitable for career starters and junior recruiters who want to run effective and successful recruitment independently in the future.


What content is taught?

    • Practical know-how and tools for all phases of the recruiting process
    • Rules, tools, technologies and practical applications for active and passive sourcing
    • Methods of competency-based interviewing and standardized evaluation and selection of candidates
    • Fundamentals and best practices for process management and relevant provisions of employment law and data protection
    • Application and consolidation of the acquired knowledge in practical simulations

1:1 Recruiting Coaching

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What is recruitment coaching about?

Recruiting is a dynamic discipline. New developments, e.g. in AI, sourcing or data-driven recruiting, need to be constantly evaluated and implemented into current processes as required. We know these challenges from our daily business and share this knowledge with your employees in 1:1 or 1:x coaching sessions.


What content is taught?

    • Regular coaching sessions based on your needs (mainly remote)
    • 1:1 or in groups of max. 3 coachees (at least 5 sessions are recommended)
    • Suitable for both new starters and experienced recruiters

Whether candidate acquisition or selection, interaction with hiring managers, performance optimization or other areas of recruiting: Our experienced coaches adapt individually to your challenges and coach your recruiters so that they can operate state-of-the-art recruiting.

Individual further training in other areas

Thanks to our years of experience, we know every challenge you might face in recruiting. If you would like to train your employees in a specific subject area, simply contact us – our experienced consultants will be happy to put together an individual training plan with customized content.

How much do our trainings cost and how do they take place?

We offer all training courses as face-to-face events at your premises or online. Depending on the training, format, duration and number of participants, we estimate between 0.5 – 3 consultant days.

All training courses can be varied in terms of format, content and duration and are closely coordinated with you and tailored to your needs. The actual costs per training course therefore depend on the format, content and duration.

Do you have questions about our services?

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