Active Sourcing

Your access to a larger selection of candidates

  • At least 70% cheaper than headhunters
  • Free market analysis within 72 hours
  • Hourly billing without recruitment premium
  • Can be terminated at any time

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What is Active Sourcing?

Active sourcing involves searching for, identifying and proactively approaching suitable candidates. Targeted active sourcing is essential for successful recruiting.

Why is Active Sourcing worth it?


Fast response

Identifying and approaching suitable candidates as quickly as possible.


Plug & Play

Immediate provision of sourcing resources for your requirements.


Access to our network

Access to all relevant social media platforms, personnel databases and personal networks.


Full cost control

Full cost control through transparent and hourly budgeting without recruitment bonuses.

What does Active Sourcing cost?

We plan to spend an average of 120 hours on filling a position, starting at €75 per hour.

Based on a forecast, we define a maximum period for the transfer of qualified candidates before the start of the project.

Unlike headhunters, we charge for our services by the hour, regardless of how many of the candidates sent are hired – without any additional costs or recruitment bonuses.

Do you have questions about our services?

Write us a short message or give us a call.

Emely Bidlingmaier
Head of Sales
Phone: +49 (30) 25 92 38 555


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