“To everything great, the first step is courage.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

With this approach and an individually tailored recruiting solution, we have been able to support many customers. Whether as a parental leave replacement, for peaks in demand, or for fundamental process adjustments in recruiting – all of our solutions can be adapted to your needs, both modularly and in terms of content. In the following we show you some examples of successful projects at our clients’ premises. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Success Story - Tech-Recruiting Bootcamp

Our client

Industry: Services
Location: Berlin
Number of employees: 500

Initial situation

– Strong Brand
– Not enough applications via passive sourcing
– Active Sourcing generalistically positioned, without tech know-how

Our solution

– Analysis meeting with team leader
– Separate analysis meeting with the sourcing team
– Individually tailored training modules in Tech-Recruiting Bootcamp
– Individually tailored training days at the customer’s premises or at HR-Recruiting Services on site


✓ Practical tips were passed on to the Active Sourcing team
✓ Discussion of different everyday scenarios
✓ Passing on experience from its own operational activities
✓ Establishment as first point of contact for Tech-Recruiting specific and operational issues

Do you have questions about the course of the project and would like to know whether we can repeat these results in your company?

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